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Three months after my trial finished, bills started racking up and the fine print made it clear I owed this money to Sirius XM.I had to act like a complete jerk on the phone to get a hold of a supervisor to actually close the account.They are too wishy washy, and do NOT keep their word. My experience,,,, When my trial subscription with XM Radio in 2007 (Sirius took over approx 2008), I was offered an opportunity to purchase a lifetime subscription at such a great price, for me anyway.I took the bite and loved and enjoyed every moment of my radio listening.My stations were on point, Sirius XM was good with me, can't drive without it. In 2015, my Ford 500 was involved in an No Fault, rear end collision, Hit and Run.

If you don't feel comfortable giving out your number, you may pay with a check, but I think there is a small .00 service charge for that.Skeptical (of fine prints and misleading words) I confirmed over and over that I would not need to call back in 3 months, that they would just shut it off and starting today I will not be charged anymore. 3 months later on the exact date they said it would shut of, It did in-deed shut off. I called and they said "Oh now we don't do that, we give you 3 months then you call and shut it off." I asked "Then why did my radio shut off and go away the very day you said it would?" They said "Oh must have been coincidence, it just lost service and needed a reboot." They are lied, took my money, and then have the nerve to call, call, call and harass my husband with up to 8 phone calls a week to buy their service, even after multiple attempts to civilly ask them to put us on their do-not-call list. I signed up for a trial with my new car and they informed me I that upon completion of the trial, there would be no billing unless I continued to sign up for a full membership.I asked the lady, "Whose name is it registered to"?She said, Flat Beets/beats, something along that line and that it appears to be a company.

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