Won bin song hye kyo dating

He always comes off as very cold, not mean but just dispassionate and aloof, and funnily enough Lee Na Young has always given off the same vibe with me.

I have nothing against celebrity couples, I think people in the same profession have a high likelihood of lasting due to shared interests and common discussion topics, though by nature of the beast being shared celebrities negates that advantage since the profession provides ample opportunity for straying or simply not spending enough time together.

Dispatch broke the news in January of Lee Na Young’s Plan B co-star Rain dating Kim Tae Hee, and if this dating rumor between her and Won Bin is confirmed by their agency shortly, then that just leaves Lee Jung Jin from that drama to drop his own dating bombshell and make it a trifecta.

Since debuting in the late 90’s, Won Bin has had a very deliberate and slow-paced acting career, going years between projects and barely any public appearances or magazine interviews.

LOL, this is totally a drama scene and its good to know there is some basis in reality for seedy paparazzi lurking around a celebrity’s pad.

No word yet from their agency but if its true than I’m happy for them.

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