Wifi problem validating identity

I jus getting that ip dat windows set as default i dont kno wat else to do, some1 plzz help me.

I saw the unit yesterday, it is exactly as he says. It behave as if he was reciving a very poor signal.

In the past, I think I have mostly used the older WEP encryption, and nowadays, it seems like most wireless networks are using more recent encryption methods.

Anyway, the problem at my house and other locations I have been to, is that when my Windows XP machine tries to connect to a wireless network, it just sits there saying "Validating Identity".

I was on the internet using a wireless hookup, then im not on the internet and its telling me its trying to "Validate Identity" I don't know what this means or what it needs to Validate and or who's or whats Identity?

For years I have been using Wndows XP with wireless networks.

PCs: Dell, HP with intel 2200bg, Dell Truemobile 1300 wifi cards Problems: Time to time random PCs lost their connectivity to AP (Some PCs very often, some only once in month, ...). Sometime quickly sometime after 5 mins PC again connect to AP. PCs has latest drivers for wifi card, power management of wifi card is set to the middle (normaly when battery is low it can turn of wifi card). For B/G band you would try to separate them by 5 channels for no adjacent overlap. Second floor AP's Ch 1 Ch 6 First floor AP's Ch 11 Ch 1 Note how the 2 AP's using the same channel are the furthest apart and on different floors. 'Validating Identity' is not exactly an error message...

It then drops my IP address like it not picking it up from the DHCP and it start giving windows default ip 169xxx. Maybe the certificate that they installed to give u access is not valid any more or something close to that.

The wireless work for some people and then it dont work for others. I don't know how they setup there wireless network, so thats the only solution i can give.

yow can anybody help me - i using a dell inspiron 6000 - i cant get connected to utech wifi network, sometime i connect but right after that i get disconnected.

Hey, i go to utech and they jus finished config their wireless to let students use it.

I took it to them to let them put in the certificate n all security tings.

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If you have the Dell WLAN Utility controlling the connection, uncheck the 'Let this tool manage your wireless connections' box on its Wireless Networks tab, click Apply (you will lose the computer's wireless connection at that point), then OK.

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