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The original song for me was a very passionate, heartfelt, honest type song, in talking about our human condition." "As I started singing it," continues Max, "I really appreciated it because it has such an amazing groove to it and it brought it to another place.And the fact that it's been re-done and still holds up as a great song, tells you a lot about how special that tune is." will hit nearly 50 cities between February and May including Cleveland, Ohio; Philadelphia, Pa.; Grand Rapids, Mich.; St.This choice has nothing to do with our band's desire to be involved in film, or to be involved in mainstream affairs with people whose views that differ from ours.There were simply several scenes in the script with action or dialogue that was so contrary to our beliefs, we had no choice but to withdraw.Paul, Minn.; Oklahoma City, Okla.; Seattle, Wash.; Phoenix, Ariz.; Irvine, Calif., and more. 9, 2003 and tickets for most cities go on sale Dec. Created and produced by Alabaster Arts, the See Spot Rock Tour brings together five acts that have individually continued to generate huge underground followings and audience loyalty.

The bands South African fans confided with Delirious? The band would've performed their current single, "Speaking In Tongues," at a high school dance during a pivotal final scene.DVD-Video/VHS, which released August 20, has now been certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).The initial shipment of the Worship DVD-Video/VHS qualified for RIAA gold certification, and now the platinum status, achieved in just three months, denotes sales in excess of 100,000 units.The record hits shelves February 25th, but now you can click on the following link to get a sneak peek: hear a "new" song from that album at Christian radio NOW.Michael, Toby and Kevin all went back into the studio recently to put a new spin, on an old favorite, "The Hardway." "Re-doing 'The Hardway' was interesting for me," commented Kevin Max, "because when I first actually heard the track, I wasn't so sure about it.

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