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and when they look at each other, the way they look at each other... Watching them makes me laugh like crazy, dream like a child, and fall in love all over again.Their relationship is not too comfortable to confine within the zone of friendship, and not too awkward to define the wall of strangers...He put a bag on the bench at Namsan Tower so when Vic sat down she wouldn't be in pain 2.When Vic's left side of her shirt loosen, he put it up and fixed her clothes not only her clothes but her bangs too 3. Nichkhun also mention that his ideal woman is Victoria Song. I think both of them have real feelings for each other, that's why they were happy in every episode.If their virtual marriage comes to an end and back to their personal life, I hope Jae Rim will find time to court/date So Eun for real despite of their busy schedule, as the saying says "If there a will, There's a way" Congratulations on their virtual marriage life! Somehow this couple make me believe WGM is not scripted. The only thing that make me realise this is a reality "show" is the stark editing.They are 'playing house' real well and I'm glad they are enjoying their virtual marriage...

This couple, for some reason progressed slow but is constantly going up with their committed marriage / dating. I really like this couple because we can see through their eyes when they look at each other, their body language, their smile whenever they around each other etc that they are genuine.

This couple brought me back to WGM after 2 seasons of not watching. I don't mean just real as in the way they act or respond to each other (though there is that), but something that actually mimics a true relationship.

Watching movies at home, eating out and joking around.

And kim so eun the cute wife, an easygoing and tough ..You can feel their love towards each other, though this is just a virtual marriage but for them as an artist showing/expressing their feelings are so natural.

the conversation, caring and how they look at each other are so real.

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Unlike some other couples who just progress into a stage out of sudden that seems like they are doing things and faking a front for the show. It feels like they've shown their real personalities and I was very happy that they've become close and seohyun opened up for the first time to a guy.. I hope someday they will become a real couple and yonghwa will wait for seohyun! Lee Jonghyun from CNBlue and Actress Gong Seung Yeon They seem genuine and straight forward with their feelings for each other.

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