Updating heating baseboards

Even though I’ve gotten in a lot of practice and improved my skills, when it came time to patch and paint our baseboards, I naturally thought that it would be one of those “man jobs” that he would take on.

In most rooms you will only be making 45 degree angle cuts.

I like to set the tip of the tube on the board and glide it along leaving a small consistent bead of caulk along the trim. Seriously, I have been doing this for a little while, and when you don’t have straight walls, perfect joints are nearly impossible. I don’t want to be sitting around waiting for caulk to dry. In an afternoon I was able to make this laundry room look 5 x’s better. I am telling you I have a lot in store for this space, so stay tuned because I have teamed up with DAP and The Home Depot to make this space spectacular! Let’s do something about that wall of random half painted cabinets.

After a lot of practice I can normally leave it as is. As my friend Jen Woodhouse says “Try your best and then calk the rest.” Truer words my friend!

(Reference image below.)Like I said, with the width of my baseboards I needed to position my boards to use the bevel option. So don’t sweat it, we will cover how to fix those discrepancies in a minute.

If you are using a shorter basedoard you can stand them on end. Check Fit/Install/Repeat This is the moment of truth! Repeat with Quarter Round This step may or may not be necessary for you.

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