Trouble updating xbox 360 from cd

If, however, your Xbox One refuses to read any discs, Microsoft has a few solutions for you to try.First of all, it seems using the ‘Instant-On’ power mode can cause problems with some consoles.Related: PS4 vs Xbox One If you’ve got power in the brick, and the console power button itself lights up, but there’s no picture on the screen, check you haven’t accidentally plugged the HDMI cable into the ‘HDMI In’ port instead of the ‘HDMI Out’ port.Many a gaming session has been delayed by this simple mistake.The problem seems to result in an error message that says a particular disc isn’t readable.First of all, if only one disc is causing an issue, it could be the disc itself, so make sure it’s clean and not covered in scratches.

That’s because traffic on the Microsoft server could be at a high while everyone tries to download the latest system update.If there’s no light, you’ve just identified the problem.Try a different outlet, and if there’s still no light, it’s time to contact Microsoft for a replacement power brick.Related: PS4 Pro vs Xbox One S A quick Google before buying should let you know whether a game will run at the full resolution or not.It’s also worth being aware that games running in Full HD will usually have a lower frame rate.

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Finally, try testing your connection by opening the guide and going to Settings Network.

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