Trend micro exchange server not updating

This agent signs outgoing emails from your Exchange Server according to the DKIM specifications.It uses the DKIM signer implementation from the awesome Mime Kit project. Test your email setup by sending an email to [email protected](you will get an automatically generated report).If you are updating the agent from version 2.* to 3.* you may need to recreate your private key and update the DNS record correspondingly if you used the key format.

The DKIM Signer Agent [Exchange Dkim Signer.dll] is compiled for . NET 4 (Exchange 2013 & 2016) Make sure that the Dkim Signer Agent has a "low priority" (high priority number) so that it runs after other agents which might modify the headers.

Part of my task of the DR project involved updating the Veeam version to the latest and greatest version, I upgraded the replication instance and as Veeam is a great product it identified that it also needed to update the proxy agents on a few other servers and offered to do so, i accepted. This error was on the Veeam server that I had NOT upgraded, it turned out that the server also used the same Veeam Proxy Agents that the Veeam Replication server used for Jobs.

The proxy Agent was newer than the console version on the backup server.

Best to set it to lowest priority (highest number).

To get a list of all the Export Agents use the Command If you have any problems installing, please check out the troubleshooting guideline.

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