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On networked computers, this occurs once an hour for the Sophos detection engine and every 10 minutes for the threat detection data.If either the automatic update or the manual update fails for any reason the shield on the menu bar will have a cross in the middle of it.We recommend providing these details to the Service Desk when reporting an issue so that they have all the data required to begin an investigation.In order to uninstall Sophos Endpoint, navigate to your Applications folder and locate the application '', then insert your administrator password to continue. When the uninstall has completed, you will be presented with the following screen.

Please note: before installing the Sophos software you must uninstall any other anti-virus software you may have installed on the machine (read the software manufacturer's instructions on how to do this). Sophos normally takes just a few minutes to install and then you'll see a completion screen.Linux The Sophos client updates automatically via the Internet, you don't have to update it yourself.If you need to run a manual update, you can do so via the following methods: For Windows - section 4 For mac OS - section 5 For Linux - section 8 Detected threats will be noted in the Sophos Endpoint status dashboard and events log.In this instance, please navigate to the '' option.You will be presented with a screen similar to the below screenshot.

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