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We want them to notice that we are here." The Hungarian Skins hang out in discos and beer halls.

Their haunts in Budapest include the Viking club, Petofi Casarnok disco, Ocsi wine bar, Steffl beer-hours, Izsak wine bar, Ketlen disco, Fekete Lyuk (Black Hole) club, Total car club, and Keknyelu wine bar.

Certain international linkages were forged that year -- e.g., with German rightists including the ideologue Gerhard Frey, leader of the German Peoples Union (DVU).

The journal of a neo-fascist segment of Hungarian Skinheads, (New Order) in Hungarian for an openly neo-Nazi Skinhead faction.

There are presently a few thousand non-white aliens in Hungary, most of them students.

It is headed by a youth known only -- and proudly -- as "Mengele," after the infamous doctor at Auschwitz.

Mengele reportedly puts the Guards' membership at "a few dozen." These members have been known to attack Gypsies, Arabs, Jews and foreigners in the streets.

Some Skinheads openly profess Nazi ideals and have sported the Nazi swastika and the arrow-cross badge worn by Hungarian fascists during World War II; others reject that image.

(In April 1993 Hungary's parliament outlawed both the arrow-cross symbol and the swastika.) The Hungarian Skins began to organize on a national level in 1990 when they held their first national conclave in Eger.

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But the term is used for others as well; foreign students and guest workers, Arabs, blacks, Cubans, homosexuals, liberals, the poor, the homeless and, of course, the Jews.

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