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Most of the Victoria Embankment was built in the late 19 There are several monuments along the banks better appreciated for the detail on foot but certainly a boat offers a grand view.

A major example is Cleopatra’s needle, grandly mis-named but clearly leading a charmed life nevertheless as it could so easily have been buried in sand at source, lost at sea en route to London and then damaged by the Luftwaffe.

Kylie (not that one, though she was antipodean), who uses this route for her daily commute, was a helpful and friendly guide to different sites along the way.

As a regular she knew the crew and made sure they were aware of their ‘celebrity passengers’ (their words not ours) so we had en route input from Dean , the crew member, leaving Alfie to steer the boat.

First, it shows our man in a much different stage of his career.

But maybe more importantly, he begins by sharing the proper pronunciation of ‘Ngaio.’ For those of you who’ve only read his name on posters around Hum Co for the past few weeks, this may come in handy if you run into Bealum in the parking lot after the show and you’re trying to score rolling papers.

Battersea Bridge looks smart also with Battersea Park as a background to the river – the Peace Pagoda has been there since 1984 so is looking slightly weatherbeaten and more overgrown by the shrubbery than when first erected.

The LWB are very fond of gas holders and power stations and this trip offers two.

Chelsea has also become something of a design hub with several prestigious firms having their showcase offices round here; Kylie works in design and enjoys the inspiration which the changing view of the river offers.Dean read about us in his local paper, though he was too polite to say what he thought of the project.Blackfriars Pier is on the North Bank and while we were waiting there were plenty of runners and riders using the comparative peace of the Thames-side path to exercise.Jo and I had merely started off early in order to catch the last westbound River Boat Number 6 from Blackfriars Pier.We were early enough to watch the last of the mist dissipate from the top of the Shard and the trip took place in spring sunshine.

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In our smaller vessel we were taking a steady rather than swift pace and I mentioned the speed we hit last week – Dean confirmed that the bigger clippers go at 30 knots along the lower reaches of the Thames, and he was clearly an admirer of the bigger boats.

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