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Is there a way she can disable this from the boot menu or start-up sequence?

If it's the system drive that is corrupted and you don't already have backuped the files, you should stop using the computer until it was done, with a live cd (e.g.

I'm a relative novice to troubleshooting computers. It also gives more details on how to diagnose this problem. My last updates for Vista were installed 26/07/16, KB890830 twice.

These manual Windows Updates should run relatively quickly, and you shouldn't have to worry about " Once again I reinstalled Vista.Once the new Win32update is installed my manual Windows Updates always run "normally" (i.e., "." finishes in about 25 min and not several hours) and my remaining Patch Tuesday updates install successfully.I don't think Vista users will see a permanent solution for these slow Windows Updates unless Microsoft either purges some of the outdated (superseded) updates in Vista's update catalog wsusscn2(see Dalai's background information at or they release an updated Windows Update Agent (WUA) that speeds up searches on computers with slower CPUs and limited amounts of RAM.The August updates all downloaded and installed and Windows reports it is up to date. Hi E-Chen: Thanks for the feedback, and glad to hear your Windows Update is running normally again.If you used Dalai's workaround at keep in mind that is only a temporary solution.

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She is getting a new hard drive and has also purchased an external hard drive to back up her data.

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