Self consolidating

SCC gets some its fluid quality from superplasticizers (high range water reducers), which increase fluidity without comprising the strength of the concrete.

Because high doses of superplasticizers can sometimes make concrete’s paste too thin to support the weight of the coarse aggregate, SCC usually includes viscosity modifiers as well as higher paste volume, more sand, and less coarse aggregate than traditional concrete to ensure that this does not happen. Normally SCC mixers are slightly more expensive the traditional concrete mixes.

Because SSC spreads under its own weight, it finds its way through even the most complex forms and congested reinforcement without the help of mechanical vibration.Self-compacting concrete is a non-segregating concrete that is placed by means of its own weight.The importance of self-compacting concrete is that maintains all concrete’s durability and characteristics, meeting expected performance requirements.No energy is used for vibration, and the absence of vibratory stress on the formwork diminishes both the formwork’s initial costs and maintenance costs.Self-consolidating concrete’s ability to produce a flawless finish also reduces labor costs associated with patch repairs.

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However, because SCC drastically reduces placement and finishing costs and virtually eliminates any repairs and patching, SCC ultimately saves money. SCC is measured in terms of spread rather than slump, though a modified version of the slump test determines the spread: instead of determining how many inches the concrete slumps, the diameter of the concrete’s spread is measured (usually ranging from 22 to 28 inches).

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