Petsmart managers dating associates

Most of the hard working caring people have quit this nightmare of a store and I've had enough as well.

Time to get out and go somewhere that hard work is appreciated." "Pet Smart is one of the greatest places I have ever worked for.

"I like working with dogs and other animals that are in the facility." Do you have any tips for others interviewing with this company?

Threats are made every confrence call; threats to write up under performers and threats to write up anyone who disobeys the RSD’s direction(even if it’s wrong.) Do not work here, you will regret it.

5 years of my life I spent trying to make a difference to peoples lives and the ONLY thing GNC cares about is saving themselves from bankruptcy; so they fire anyone and everyone who can not sell their programs to every customer.

Do not get a job here, it is a terrible place to work." "I've worked for this company for quite a few years now.

The store I am currently in is the worst I've ever had to work at.

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