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From his wife whom he divorces, to the women he tries to date after her - nothing but Drama Drama Drama! Why would you cast an African male with such a thick accent (who clearly hasn't grown up in the "American" culture) to be your lead protagonist/victim and mascot for all suffering African-American males? The female lead/wife who plays the supposed "angry black woman" really has no motive for being angry, other than just your weak script that says she's angry.He even tries dating outside of his race bringing up a whole new set of issues for him to deal with. Tim Alexander started his career as a fashion photographer with no real experience as a filmmaker. But I love how we're so blessed to see our very own Tim Alexander give talks in coffee shops and parks like he's some expert on gender/race relationships. Look around -- they live in a pretty upper-middle class lifestyle. It's not like the husband is a dead beat, or unemployed, or having an affair, or neglecting their child...We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.If you need further assistance, please call us at 1-800-585-8018.

Our records show that Lena Paul is currently Lena Paul should get braces. It ain't gonna 100% perfect like the past but it'll make em way [email protected] Um, this isn't "Class Struggle for Dummies," Mr. He asks the people about the challenges they have been dealing with upon their dating relationships and marriages.James decides to get help from respected people who know are able to guide him into breaking free from his bad habits and create a better relationship with his wife.The black man's "Waiting to Exhale." Main feature includes a series of dramatic vignettes dealing with specific issues of gender and race, followed by real-life interviews with blacks across the USA.James tells the country why he's a tired black man -- The backyard BBQ (early in their relationship) -- Angry Black Women Syndrome -- "Trifling ass Negro" -- Bedroom confessions -- Parental influences -- Marital conflict -- Any good black men out there?

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