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Predictions on where the cast sees their characters now in their lives:“I’d have 3 or 4 alien babies,” Delfino said to which Fehr responded, “So we’re still together? ” she replied, before quipping that Maria probably would have ended up with Katherine Heigl’s character Isabel Evans.

Behr chimed in explaining that would be one heck of a relationship.

I look back on this time so fondly, because I loved not knowing any better.

I always felt like, ‘I’m not really an actor.’ I had to learn so much over the course of it, but [Jason] started to tweak it in the direction of my strengths.

Jason Behr has the world’s best memory: Behr surprised fans -- not to mention the “Roswell” crew -- when he recited the titles of all his favorite episodes from the past three seasons, which included “Toy House,” “Independence Day,” “A Roswell Christmas” and “Cry Your Name,” to name a few.

Just another reason to add to our extensive list of why we love Behr.

Nick Wechsler explained the method behind his madness on screen: During the panel, the actor (who you can catch on the ABC series “Revenge”), revealed why he might have seemed a little off on set:"Remember how f---ing weird I was? ” he said giving fans a laugh before adding that he was deemed the least “actorly-actor” by Katims.

Apparently the “Jersey Shore” star also has a soft spot for “Roswell,” proving the series touched the hearts of viewers from across the board -- even the seriously tanned ones.

I’d never worked on anything that had the kind of stakes that this show had…

That was the thing that I was drawn to, and I was also drawn to the fun of the idea.”Appleby, who start her acting career at the age of three, revealed why her experience on “Roswell” was her “first, real acting gig”:“‘Roswell’ was the first time I had a real story and was given a lead,” Appleby revealed.

Photo Gallery: See more photos of Charisma Charisma Carpenter: Cate Blanchett.

In high school, I had a crush on a guy with a unibrow and my brother said he looked like a Cro-Magnon. CC: “To thine own self be true.” I have a tattoo of it on my side written in Old English.

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But, when conversation turns to specifics of their first official evening as a potential couple, Blunt gently pumps the brakes. A decade of dating, eight years of marriage and two little girls later, the couple has become one of the most adored pairings in Hollywood.

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