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In many areas of the world, especially Asia, personal connections are viewed positively, in part as a way to assure trust in an organization, and it is accepted — even expected — that a father will pass a business on to his son, according to Wharton management professor Raphael Amit.But business performance can suffer when decision makers lose objectivity and don’t make merit the top criterion, says Amit, who studied Fortune 500 company results for 1994 through 2000.Dunfee, professor of legal studies and business ethics at Wharton.These issues fall within an area of “moral free space,” rather than one of universal moral principle, he adds, leaving each society to deem what is considered appropriate.No-dating policies simply don’t fit a modern workforce that’s nearly equally divided between men and woman, Lever suggests.These days, people wait longer to marry and, in many cases, work longer hours than their parents did.Mueller, whose own research has shown that organizations seen by employees as unfair in pay, promotion or other practices have higher rates of stealing, bad-mouthing and other damaging behaviors.

” Mueller and Yochi Chohen-Charash from City University of New York attempt to answer that question by presenting the results of two experiments designed to elicit envy and measure its impact on behavior.The dilemmas are acute in family-controlled businesses, when a founder choosing a successor must decide whether to favor a son or daughter or search outside for what may be better qualified managers.“We know that unfairness leads to all sorts of problems,” says Wharton management professor Jennifer S.In the post-war years, organizations also wrestled with romantic relationships as more women entered the workforce, Cappelli says.“Legislation on equal rights made most companies much more concerned about dating in the workplace and any conduct that could be interpreted as harassment.

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