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The stadium was chosen to host the all city of Leeds Rugby Football League Championship Final between Leeds and Hunslet in 1938, when a crowd of 54,112 saw Hunslet win the title.In the Second World War, the ground was requisitioned by the War Office for administrative purposes.On 27 December 1932, 56,796 spectators attended for the visit of eventual champions Arsenal – a record that would last for almost 35 years.The last game of that season saw Leeds play Middlesbrough at home in front of a 9,006 spectators.Yorkshire Amateurs became the tenants, and that club played there for a brief spell saving the ground from development.In 1920, Yorkshire Amateurs sold Elland Road to the newly formed Leeds United for £250.Behind the goal at the north end was a terrace known as the Spion Kop, or simply Kop, from a hill in South Africa on which 322 British soldiers lost their lives in the Battle of Spion Kop, in January 1900, in the Boer War.No significant changes were made to Elland Road in the 1930s, and 1940s, although it did see some large attendances.

The club erected a new stand in readiness for the 1898–99 season.

Test-playing him will only cause the unstoppable slide. The bails do come off on this occasion and England have lost their fifth. Stokes c Paine b Lyon 6(2 [4s-1] 47.3 Lyon to Moeen Ali, out Caught by Warner!! It's drifting into middle, forcing Ali to defend, which he does with hard hands, getting squared up big time as the outside edge goes to short gully at the perfect height. Lyon does the usual, ripping them on off, Broad has to play at it, and this time slip does what gully did to Moeen.

Personally, as much as I want it to happen, I would be very surprised if ENG draws this game. Buttler b Pat Cummins 1(25) 36.6 Pat Cummins to Bairstow, out Caught by Bancroft!! But he did feel it was above his wristband and hence challenged the decision. Moeen Ali c Warner b Lyon 4(2 47.4 Lyon to Broad, out Caught by Smith!! Broad c Smith b Lyon 0(1) 50.5 Siddle to Woakes, FOUR, dropped.

The committee built a 4,000-seater grandstand which the Lord Mayor, Joseph Hepworth, unveilled before a match against Chelsea on 17 November.

The project cost £3,000 and over half a mile of steel was used.

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