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(Cuz, you know, all they did was broadcast it into millions of homes. Thus, this one sided "Hide your women, lock your doors, the hoards are here" is just classic racist/nationalist propaganda. The guys said that one of them was a Japanese exchange film student. I mean, they sell those kits for getting past the AIDS test. This video is clearly discriminatory and makes me kinda angry.

Give 'em a break)Interesting how racism is closely related to misogyny. We didn't build the clubs, nor the love motels, nor the drinking culture which makes everything rather easy, but we represent all the evils of promiscuous sex which follow from these conditions. It's nice that their ethnic resentment can be put aside over a round of shared xenophobia. However, I worry that there is more truth to this than we realize.

There are so many it can even be hard to get through them quickly to the nearby Korean massage parlors and hostess bars.

Also, most of us are familiar with what happened after the video of the African American man facing off with that ajjusi on the bus hit the internet.

There is no doubt that the morals of foreigners living in Korea has become a social issue.

In one area of Seoul mixed couples can be found walking all over the streets with daring intimacy.

I think the most important lesson we should take from this is that we need to be careful how we act in Korea.

I believe the Korean people are some of the kindest on the planet, but they do have a history of discriminating against foreigners because of isolated incidents.

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The problem isn't racism, it's sensationalism. They put this kind of crap special on their news magazines about anything.

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