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He said all of the carbon that comes out is already sold to companies in Juarez that make inks or paint.

She asked if the county was ensuring that this business really exists and is not a scam. pollutes the property the county leases to them, that bond will cover the cost of cleanup. At the January meeting, Galarza told the commission the location of the project is important, for there should be a good supply of tires within easy distance.

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A faithful attendee of Otero County Commission regular, work sessions, special meetings and budget meetings for over 8 1/2 years. Otero County can only reach its full potential by adherence to the principles that created our representative Republic. I don't know anyone who believes that County employees are volunteers and not compensated for their work. Talk about redistribution, this is a classic example.

I will continue to defend our rights, PROPERTY (WATER), LIFE, LIBERTY, relentlessly and will never, ever support a vote for any tax. (I will limit myself to NO COST, NO OBLIGATION in this post but there are a myriad of issues with the Tire Recycling Project in Chaparral.) ... had sent the county a proposal several months before.

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The resolution, the agenda report explains, declares facility in Chaparral. Galarza said the company also needed land from the county.

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