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Calmly explain to your partner how you feel, and outline the compromises you would be willing to make.The case may be that one person feels neglected or even jealous of their partner’s relationship with a pet.Is there any way you can get along with your partner’s pet?It all depends on how co-operative you decide to be.Our latest study into what interests make you more attractive to the opposite sex found that women find men who have pets irresistible – but the opposite is true for men.

You need to accept that your partner’s pet is a central part of their life, and this is a life they want you to be a part of as well.Loving someone means accepting all of them, including their pets.has grown to become not only an award-winning business but one of the largest pet insurance providers in the UK.For instance, your partner may suggest that the animal sleeps on the bedroom floor rather than on the bed.Clearly establish boundaries through an open, but not heated, discussion.

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