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LDRs are particularly prevalent among college students- constituting 25% to 50% of all relationships.LDRs are qualitatively different from geographically close relationships; that is, relationships in which the partners are able to see each other, face-to-face, most days.Being faithful in your thoughts, mind and heart are extremely important, and it's crucial to guard these three entities while away from your love.Avoid places where exes may be present, or where you could fall into temptation.Swallow your pride and intentionally listen to their side of things. If anyone wants to maintain their relationship, especially their long-distance one, being faithful is the most important, beyond communication and intentionality.

Face Timing, Skyping, texting, Facebook messaging, emailing, Snapchat—utilize your phone and social media accounts to keep up communication between you and your beloved. Hear their voice, block off time to actually stop what you’re doing, sit somewhere and talk to them.

This will be my second summer dating my boyfriend who lives in Pennsylvania, while I live three hours away in New York.

Most of the time, however, they help you grow more than you would have if you were with your significant other face-to-face.

Pew Internet (2004) asserts that 79% of adult respondents from the United States reported using the Internet for communication with family and friends.

Also, Pew Internet (2002a) states that because of new technologies, college students will have greater social ties with their friends than their family members.

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Avoid texting or Snapchatting people you wouldn’t normally if your boyfriend or girlfriend were around, and most importantly, treat the time away from your love the way you would want your boyfriend or girlfriend to treat it.

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