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’“Whereas actors are like, ‘Oh I’m so sorry and thanks, can I say thanks? ’”The Mirror added she is now set to star in “Queen America,” which will be streamed on Facebook’s new video platform Facebook Watch. There’s not many Welsh roles around, as you can imagine.”“… Gin convinces him that her insurance agency job is the real cover and that she has planned an even bigger heist in Kuala Lumpur: billion from the "International Clearance Bank" in the North Tower of the Petronas Towers During their set-up, Cruz and his team (with the guidance of the stealthy Thibadeaux) track down Gin and confirm that she is still on mission to bring Mac in. Rotten Tomatoes lists the film as receiving 38% positive reviews.Despite the presence of Cruz and other security watching the building, the theft takes place in the final seconds of the new 2000 millennium countdown. Critics focused on a scene where Zeta-Jones trains for the heist by worming around a net of red threads that simulate laser beams.

After they have stolen the mask, Mac accuses Gin of planning to sell the mask to a buyer in Kuala Lumpur and then turn him in. The film opened to mixed or average reviews as described by Metacritic.He explains that Cruz is here and that the FBI has been looking for her for some time. Two years ago when Agent Thibadeaux caught and arrested him, Mac made a deal to help the FBI arrest Gin, as she was the primary target all along. “And for many years all of us are victims of the fact that we’ve all got so humble.If you were a sports star and won an award, you would go ‘S--- yeah, that was the best work I’ve done, I rocked!

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