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International Dating Violence Study, 2001-2006 Summary: The International Dating Violence Study (IDVS) was conducted by a consortium of researchers in 32 nations.It includes data on both perpetration and being a victim of violence.Based on Riggs and O’Leary’s (1989) model and Arnett’s emerging adulthood theory (2000), this study aims to address these gaps by examining how situational factors including relational and developmental contexts play a role in dating violence among college students when background factors are controlled. The data were collected in 2006 using a purposive sampling method.After excluding the cases with missing values, 4,162 students were selected for our analysis.Our findings suggest that practitioners who are designing programs to prevent dating violence perpetration should target multiple factors, and address both situational risk factors and background ones.

The study questionnaire includes two scales, the Conflict Tactics Scales or CTS (Straus, 1996) to obtain data on violence between the respondent and his or her partner, and the Personal And Relationships Profile (PRP) to obtain data on 25 risk factors for partner violence and a scale to measure "socially desirable" response bias (Straus, Hamby, Boney-Mc Coy, and Sugarman, 2010).The findings have larger implications for dating violence interventions in school and communities.The results of this study suggest the importance of situational dynamic in understanding students’ dating violence.As a dependent variable, twelve items from the revised Conflict Tactics Scales (CTS2) were used to assess for self-report of dating violence perpetration.Independent variables included situational variables including relational and developmental contexts (relationship distress, communication problems, substance abuse, length of time dating, and cohabitation status).

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