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Archeeta Pujari is a 23-year-old Investment Banker.

Cooking, painting, writing and Harry Potter are the great loves of her life!

I was two years old when my parents left the shores of India forever and came here to build a new life for themselves.

This was the land of dreams and opportunities; it offered them a future that India never could.

For Indian men have such high standards, unlike men of your race, and he is doing me such a favor by agreeing to marry me. Your parents have welcomed me into their homes and hearts with open arms, simply because you chose to love me.We could live in their country, eat their food, ride their trains and occupy positions in their companies, but we remained apart from them, lest we be tempted by their sinful lifestyle and carefree ways. I did not go for sleepovers with my friends, as their parents, however friendly, could not be trusted.As I grew up, I could no longer wear shorts or dresses on hot summer days.All my life I had been told to shun boys and focus on my education and career, and now that the fruits of my labor were at last beginning to peek out of the dense, leafy foliage, I was faced with this alarming u-turn, and told that in reality, none of this would bring my parents any satisfaction or happiness at all.My life, and their’s, would remain incomplete until they procured for me an Indian husband.

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