I will use intimidating shout dating by mbti type

If they're shouting in a belittling way, we may conclude that we must have been doing something wrong, evil, bad children and therefore, are not worthy of love and respect.

All of us need to overcome our different fears which have their basis in childhood when a shouting (giant sized) and threatening parent was a real threat for a number of many reasons.

Cooldown: 6 Seconds Activating the Intimidate skill rolls an Intimidate check against all monsters within a short radius of you.

There is a -4 penalty per size category by which the monster is larger than you (which becomes a bonus if the monster is smaller).

Some submit and become docile, ineffective, resentful victims.

Others vow to never allow this kind of treatment when they become adults and may also develop into intimidators themselves. Being small and incapable of operating in the world on our own, we are aware at some level that we are dependent on this intimidating, shouting person for all our security and survival. Since we don't have the capacity to analyze and understand what's happening (and may not have any basis in our actions) at the moment.

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by Fred Zurofsky If you look around and observe the relationships of your close friends, you will see that some husbands play the role of the intimidator. As an intimidator, he controls you and the children by making you fear him.

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