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In addition to martial arts lessons, classes feature subject-matter-experts in everything from international relations and history to tactical leadership and management.

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Nick, because he knew Greg had taken the blame for the mishap to save Nick the embarrassment and harassment that his coworkers and friends would no doubt provide. ""Yeah, plus some stuff for trace…" Nick pulled into the lab's parking lot. ""I think he's just making sure our case moves along, so give all of it to him," Warrick replied. I'll text you while you're with him, it won't be important, just an excuse to pull out your phone and set it on the counter."Nick grinned as he caught on. No one will be the wiser." Nick could hear the smirk in Warrick's voice as he added, "You got yourself a catch, man.

Congratulations."The Texan smiled, even as he rolled his eyes.

Greggo claimed he was there to talk to me about the case, check up on our wager, you know?

I'm not sure if Gris fell for it, but he didn't question it."Greg told me that he accidentally handed you his phone instead of yours when you left after dinner last night, the little knucklehead." Both men chuckled; Warrick, because he thought Greg was adorably smitten, which caused him to make the simple error. Greggo will make the switch and come find you as soon as he gets our results going.

He doubted that was all the other CSI had to say on the subject, but appreciated that his friend would be discreet. I'm here now, Rick; I'll be in in just a minute.""Cool; see ya." Warrick hung up just as Nick hopped out of the company Tahoe and moved to the back to pull out the envelopes and bindles of evidence he had collected from Greer and Daniels' apartment.

Nick came in and logged in the evidence before heading toward DNA to drop it off.

Come over and enjoy a festive, fun environment with a Japanese style meal, dessert and fun entertainment!

So…let's just suspend disbelief for that bit, okay? "Grissom spotted him in the parking lot and wanted him to help us out for a couple hours.

That's not why I called though; we can fill you in while whatever you found at the apartment gets processed.

Their upcoming album "This Is Life" is set to be released Spring 2012.

Cascade Nightmare is a local anime theme cover band from the Cedar Rapids area.

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They have been a band for almost 2 years, and anime fans for... Started as a side project their anime covers quickly took over their time and priorities.

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