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hmm well 2 mentally challenged kids=higher chance of mental retardation for offspring 2 ugly people= ugly people surprisingly have real good lookin kids hmmm so im not sure normally i would say ABORT! Just because she is ugly and mentally retarded it doesn't means I have the right or morals to kill the baby that is about to be born.

In an April 11, 2008 interview with Howard 100 News, his mother said "he is retarded, though he doesn't like to admit it." He tends to finish many of his sentences with, "it is" (for example, "My nickname is Bigfoot, it is."), and never with any apparent reason or regard to proper conjugation.", "This is better than rejuvenation", "I'm getting myself hot!", "I'm wearing a negligee", "I'm massasging my breasts", "Black girls, Black girls" and "Hurry up sonny, I've got a hot shit in the chamber!On March 11, 2007 at the "Killers of Comedy" show at Higher Ground in and Bob Levy were searching for a girl to have him eat blue cheese dressing off of her stomach.Instead, Bob suggested a hefty fan from the audience named Tom to come on stage.

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During her long-winded rants, it is common for Stern to turn down the send (audio) from his microphone to the phone patch, while the crew discusses her lunacy or wagers on the duration of a given rant. She often refers to Howard as "Gay Howard" in retaliation to being called crazy. " soundbite, commonly used throughout the show, was spoken by Crazy Alice. [ [] ] The two have since buried the hatchet and when Alice came to visit the studio in late 2007, the two patched things up in-person, after which Artie took her for a shopping trip to the official Yankees Store.

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