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) “I had been playing basketball and it wasn’t till I got into the shower that I realized my earring was missing. The Alternate Fave Five changes a lot — right now it’s like Le Bron, Chris Paul, all my boys.”D. Every now and then I’ll be on the internet for a long time and I’ll get bored so I’ll search myself on Google.

No, there’s no chance.” (Charity retracted) “No, I’m sorry; I couldn’t give it to him.”D.

A 13-time NBA All-Star, Wade is Miami's all-time leader in points, games, assists and steals, shots made and shots taken. was born the second of two children to Jo Linda and Dwayne Wade Sr. There was a spelling mistake on his birth certificate, but his parents, having warmed to it, kept his name as "Dwyane." By the time Jo Linda was eighteen, she already had two children and, in 1977, she married Wade’s father, having two more with him, Dwyane and his sister, Tragil. Wade has described his early childhood in the South side of Chicago as trying.In 2018, Wade returned to the Heat again less than a week before Oliver was gunned down in the attack.Oliver’s parents later revealed that they buried him in a Wade No. “You’re about to make me cry this afternoon,” Wade tweeted in response.When his parents divorced, Jo Linda was given custody of the two children, with whom she then moved to her mother's house.Around this time the family experienced their worst financial straits and Jo Linda began dealing drugs.

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“You really can’t put that in words,” he later said.

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