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Some people eat in a 4 hour window, others do 6 or 8. You’ll need to experiment, adjust to work for your lifestyle and goals, and see how your body responds.

Because it has all of this readily-available, easy to burn energy (thanks to the food you ate), your body will choose to use that as energy rather than the fat you have stored.

Two examples: skipping breakfast and lunch one day of the week, and then another where you skip lunch and dinner one day, two days in a week.

By the way, both those weekly charts above come from our free Intermittent Fasting Plan (with printable worksheets).

Some people only eat in a 6-hour window, or even a 4-hour window.

This is “feasting” and “fasting” parts of your days and the most common form of Intermittent Fasting. Two examples: The top means you are skipping breakfast, the bottom means you are skipping dinner each day: You can adjust this window to make it work for your life: Skip two meals one day, where you take 24 hours off from eating.

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