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When a user sends a message to a group, the Exchange server that is acting as the expansion server expands the group to its individual members.This expansion permits members of the distribution list or group to receive the message.Arbitration mailboxes are system mailboxes used to store organization-wide data, e.g.administrator audit logs, metadata for e Discovery searches, and Unified Messaging data.Run the following command to move the mailboxes to a database on your Exchange 2016 server: For each message that is sent to a distribution group, Exchange must access the full membership list to route the message to all recipients.Expansion servers route messages that are sent to a single distribution list or group for each of the recipient objects in that list or group.

You can force an update of the global address list using the following Exchange Management Shell command: Update-Global Address List -Identity "Default Global Address List" -Domain Controller "Exchange-Server" You only need to include the domain controller setting if you have more than one exchange server.If your account is less than 24 hours old, the Exchange server will not have generated the Offline Address Book yet.The Offline Address Book is generated every morning by AM PST.As I did quite some Exchange migrations (including single as well as multi tenancy environments) I was always wondering whether there are any additional post migration tasks that need to be addressed before you start removing your legacy Exchange server(s) from your organization.For instance, as with migrating from Exchange 2003 to, say, Exchange 2010 you had to update Global Address Lists, Address Lists, Offline Address Books, et al to the new Exchange 2010 version by executing the corresponding cmdlts, e.g. Now when migrating from Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2016 (or even just from Exchange 2013 to Exchange 2016 with both having an almost identical architecture) what remains of those post migration tasks? What kind of architectural changes require you to think different and adjust certain settings prior to removing your legacy Exchange server(s)?

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