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We find that Shenzhen, China is an active location for this type of scam.

A group of con artists, who act in a concerted way to draw the victim in, make him (or her) fall in love and then convince the victim to pay a dowry to “parents”, buy them a house, invest in a house for the fiancée and victim to share or otherwise part with small and large amount of money.

With the high degree of fraud in Thailand, getting a background check or Thailand fraud investigation is an important security decision.

Proceeding in a personal or business relationship without one can be very costly.

Experts say even the most cautious and the most skeptical can be a victim, so it’s essential to consult a reputable private investigation firm to verify your online contact. Investigators say many clients decide to contact a private investigator after the damage is done, and money is lost, rather than early in the relationship.

Consumers should think of a background check early.

Some use false photos, other use their real photos and false information, and still others use their real photo and real information, and then work to gain their victim’s love.

The foreigner often will even come to the Philippines to meet the family.

In these cases, prudent Philippines investigators can conduct Philippines surveillance to verify the subject’s activity, living situation, relationships, and investigate for infidelity, romance scam or marriage fraud. As with romance scammers in Eastern Europe in Russia and the Ukraine, as well as West Africa in Nigeria and Ghana, and Malaysia and many other countries, the goal is to gain your trust and then your money. The NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) and PNP (Philippines National Police) have made some progress in the fight against fraud, but the truth is that criminals are on step ahead.Once the hook is set, the financial problems and requests for money come rolling in!Philippines romance scams are booming and never before has a professional dating background check been so important.A Thailand fraud investigation normally includes verification of home or company address, business registration or marital status, tax or child status, social and local media checks.It may also include educational and employment credentials, criminal and credit checks and a discrete on-site investigation of the individual.

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