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Everyone on a submarine is the damage control party – everyone.” Palisin was careful to explain that damage control is much more than just knowing what to do if something bad happens.

It’s being confident enough in your knowledge of the boat’s systems to speak up if someone else on the crew is about to make a mistake that affects ship’s safety.

We try to tell people that being submerged at 400 feet is just like sitting on your couch in the living room, but I guess they just can’t get past having that much water above their heads.” “Earning your Dolphins is what signifies to the rest of the crew that you can and will be trusted with our lives,” said Electronics Technician 2nd Class (SS) Joseph Brugeman.

“I know everyone aboard personally, and that level of familiarity allows me to trust them in a casualty situation.

We don’t discriminate based on what your rating or even your rank is.

But once you’re wearing them, trust is the one thing that rank and rating knowledge can’t compare to.

“In the submarine force, we put an emphasis on being right more than what a Sailor’s rank might be, because everyone aboard a submarine is expected to be a backup to his shipmate,” said Palisin.

“Even I, as the captain of this boat, would expect the most junior Sailor to jump up and down screaming his head off if I made a mistake that endangered the ship.

But they go to sea anyway, cruising below the ocean’s stealth and concealment.

Most people, many Sailors included, think they’re crazy.

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