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While many don’t articulate it, most of us crave emotional intimacy.

We want someone we can share with on a deep level, someone we trust who will be gentle yet honest with us.

Emotional intimacy seems especially evasive in a world that appears to rank the physical far ahead of the emotional.

Similar to love, we can’t force emotional intimacy to occur.

It is not fair for them to walk into a relationship without all the information.

This may not be a first date talk, but it should happen before anyone gets too emotionally invested.

Just as you need to do your inner work, they need to have done theirs.

This is also a crucial step for those wishing to overcome a fear of emotional intimacy.It is important to not settle for less than you deserve and enable yourself to have healthy relationships. When you have not set boundaries, what was the result? Sarah Fanning currently works for the Lovestruck online dating service and firmly believes that everyone deserves to share their life with someone special.It’s important to prepare yourself for the dating scene and you might just meet the man of your dreams. These processes help us to see the tendencies we’ve had and the patterns that have surfaced in our past dating experiences.The willingness to recognize and accept what comes up is an essential part of this step.

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