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Kim has said that Steph wanted to progress in a way that she was unable to cater for and so they have parted way. Kim now has a personal assistant, house assistant and two nannies.

She’s a regular attendee at Kardashian matriarch, Kris Jenner’s legendary family parties, frequently parties with and works out with her BFF Kim’s older sister Kourtney, and Kim has declared her love for her best friend on social media.

For every appearance, glamorous vacation, and business launch, Shepherd has been quietly running the show.

Speaking at a panel for the launch of the app she said: “I've done a lot of photo shoots just for the site, just for the app. “I’ve spent the last two years with my assistant, Stephanie, running around taking video, waking up at six in the morning in Thailand just to go to a waterfall to take video for the site.” Steph joined the Cleveland Cavaliers cheerleading squad fresh out of high school at 17.

In a strange coincidence, this is the same basketball team that Khloe Kardashian’s new beau, Tristan Thompson, plays for.

They both opened my eyes to so much, about being a hard-working, meticulous assistant, yes, but also just all the things life can offer." After working with Erika and Mikey for a few years, Mikey's business partner and former Pussycat Doll Robin Antim asked Steph if she'd be interested in working with a friend. She was first interviewed in April 2013 by Kris Jenner's assistant.

The next stage shockingly was an interview with her potential boss, Kim Kardashian herself, who at that time was pregnant with her first child North. In the four years she's worked for Kim she's gone from managing Kim's schedule to her right-hand woman.

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In fact much of the footage for the episode centred around the ill-fated trip to Paris and Kim’s experience after the robbery was caught by Steph on a little camera as well as Kanye West’s documentary team.

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