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Not wanting to be offensive I usually respond with a socially mindful answer highlighting the many achievements of only children.

However, a careful examination of what we know today about the advantages of having siblings exposes the perils of being the only offspring in a family.

It also seems to assume that "onlies" are loners, but what about those who have strong bonds with (and regularly engage with) close friends?

Other studies have noted that siblings play a crucial role in fundamental aspects of socialization including social understanding, social identification, and social regulation.

After all, the first microcosm of a peer relationship exists with a sibling.

I see her struggle, and it is not easy for her to have boundaries in our relationship, sometimes I feel like she treats me like a sibling.

Her father died four years ago this month and I feel like I somehow failed her. I am actually surprised that Psychology Today published it.

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Siblings can help teens in individuating from parents through modeling, shared secrets, and boundary formation.

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