Dating an ibanez guitar

So 01= Jan 12=Dec 34335 it is from the Acoustic range So 00001 to 49999 are Acoustic Guitars, 50000 to 99999 are electric guitars and electric basses All 3 factories use the same serial number system China Production W=World Factory Z=Yeou Chern Factory Example Serial Number WX32149 W=World Factory X=October..wait it goes like this for the build months 1=Jan 2=Feb 3=Mar 4=Apr 5=May 6=Jun 7=July 8=Aug 9=Sep X=Oct Y=Nov Z=Dec 3=2003 2149= 2149th guitar built for that month.So there it is peeps, this brings you up to date,if there is other stuff I have left out which I'm sure I might have like the Artstar Jazz Boxes with the H starting serial number...Last but not least, a word about finishes: it is important to know that the color of the guitar is NOT part of the model number.For example the ARZ300 is available in black (ARZ300 BK) and white (ARZ300 WH) but since they both are the same model fundamentally, they share the same model name.The first one to three letters of a model name generally indicates the series to which that model belongs.The series code usually is an abbreviation of the series name.

The final digit identifying the pickup/ pickguard configuration (as described above for the tens digit.Lt Commander Roadster please fill in the missing blanks here If you have anything else please put it here so we can keep a uniform thread to be used by all as good reference guide.I hope this is useful to all our new fellow Ibaneezer's who have joined the collective as of late. Also, what kind of guitars were made there and what years?Other series that have used this system are the Ergodyne and Talman series Models with four digit numbers (from 1000 and on) now fall within the Prestige range, the higher quality class guitars, usually produced in Japan, although there are some Korea produced Prestige guitars.An exception are numbers starting with 7 (so for instance, the S7320). Actually these guitars are part of the S7 and RG7 subseries.

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For guitars of recent vintage, the model number is often stamped or painted on the reverse of the instrument's headstock.

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