Dating a girl with a boyfriend

This is especially true of girls, as they will happily mention plans with someone they love.

If you are brave enough to talk to a girl, you can usually find out if she's dating just through casual conversation.

Because of this, sometimes it can be easier not to ask directly, and instead, find out if she's dating or not from a friendly conversation, the way she acts, or with a little help from common friends.

Another important consideration is her culture, as there are many different customs and acceptable methods of approaching a girl.

While it sounds easy to ask if a person you want to get to know better is dating or not, actually asking if she has a boyfriend can be awkward.

Especially if she tells you, "Yes I do have one." Then what do you say?

The more signals she displays, the better your chances of getting her to open up, then you can find out if she has a boyfriend.

Many people wonder if it's better to ask directly or indirectly about the relationship status of someone they're interested in.As they say on one of the more popular dating sites: There are plenty of fish in the sea.When a woman is interested in being more than just friends, her body language speaks volumes.Here are the things to look for: Remember that it's usually not cool to Facebook stalk someone.Never harass someone or badger a girl if she's not interested or turns you away.

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