Constantly updating weather radar

While many other apps offer alerts based on your county, This app supports a more precise type of alert issued for the most dangerous types of weather threats.

More precision means you get alerts that matter to you, not false alarms.- Current conditions, hourly and daily forecasts for any location you enter.- High resolution satellite cloud imagery- Ability to add and save locations- A fully integrated GPS for current location awareness- Additional items added seasonally*Data and alerting available for the United States only.

We had a chance a chance to speak with Science Section Chief Paul Flaherty, one of the meteorologists that has been flying into and studying Dorian.

Specially equipped NOAA aircraft play an integral role in… Phil Klotzbach, research scientist and meteorologist with Colorado State University about past hurricanes to impact Florida's east coast. Klotzbach is best know for leading the season hurricane outlooks from the Department of Atmospheric Science with CSU. Klotzbach on Friday for perspective on Dorian as it threatens…

Go find the live feed, rewatch another ad and finally get back to the live feed updating me on the conditions of where the tornado is! If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out directly to the team at [email protected] Love the team’s coverage and the app is pretty great, but I’ve noticed one little hiccup.

Live video is available within the app any time FOX23 is broadcasting Breaking Weather Alerts on the air.

UPDATE: A new enhanced risk has been issued for Nebraska and Kansas ahead of strong storms developing and lasting into the late day and overnight hours.

A storm system dropping through the middle of the nation will bring a risk for severe weather from the Western Great Lakes to the Central Plains. After strengthening to a Tropical Storm, Erin has now weakened and lost it's tropical characteristics.

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