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At this point, any mistakes that were made during the first phase of consolidation will be neatly taken care of so that the process moves smoothly going forward.This learning aspect of the consolidation process is extremely important in order for the industry to properly adapt to changes.And since mergers are usually financed with stock, high stock values have given companies more resources to acquire competitors and rivals. In theory, larger firms are more efficient, and should be able to deliver same-quality goods for lower prices.In reality, they generally hurt consumers by eliminating choice, which in turn leads to higher prices.Consolidation is one of these trends that can be troubling for many business owners, but shouldn’t be perceived as so.

By gathering an understanding of the direction moving forward, these businesses can better prepare themselves for what is to come, solidifying their ability to take on challenges as they arrive.When discussing the possible death of small business as we know it, it’s impossible to avoid the elephant in the room: Big business is getting bigger, swallowing up the resources, market share, and consumer support that used to be more evenly distributed among all types of companies. One is the current extended period in which government has, broadly, been less willing to regulate business and financial markets, including monopolistic interventions.Though there’s some debate about the exact effects and causes, some say that this has been behind the increased mergers and acquisitions, consolidating power in the hands of a few major companies.The ebb and flow of the business cycle creates a dynamic environment across many different industries.We often assume that certain types of trends are negative, when in reality, they provide us with an opportunity to change moving forward.

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Once that dominance is established, it’s more difficult for entrepreneurs to enter that sector—a trend we’ve seen, as the rate at which new businesses are created in the economy has Of course, we’ve seen all kinds of economic trends ebb and flow throughout time, including waves of M&As.

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