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Untitled features the breakout track 'Supaman High' featuring OJ Da Juice Man and the first official single, 'Number One' featuring Keri Hilson."After a challenging year, skilled rapper T. looks toward continuing his incredible hot streak of #1 albums.His three releases previous to this one all debuted at the top of the charts.✨A post shared by keri hilson (@kerihilson) on Keli, of African-American ancestry, grew up in a middle-class family of five children, with a brother Kip, and sisters Kelsee, Kye, and Kaycee.She didn’t go to school in the family neighborhood, but alongside her siblings went to a school an hour away from the family home.

The singer says she thought she had found someone who was an “exception” but was disappointed to find out he wasn’t the one…

From an early age, Keri was interested in music and her mother paid for her piano lessons, but Keri wasn’t much enjoying playing, as she preferred singing instead, so as time went by, Keri changed piano lessons to vocal training, and would sing accompanied by piano.

Two years into training, Keri secured a record deal with D’Signe, a girl group which soon disbanded, but she continued her education as well, and studied a course in theater at the Oxford College of Emory University, and Emory University in Atlanta for three years.

On her Facebook page, Keri has a total of seven million fans, with whom she has shared details of her most recent career endeavors, such as her collaboration with Nikki Chu, among many other enterprises.

She is also active on Instagram, on which she has around three million fans, who enjoy daily posts which include her friends as well as family.

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