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Yes, tread carefully, but don't be so quick to judge him. I have been married for under a year and started seeing the signs of my husband using these sites a few months ago, shortly after I got pregnant.

Since we got pregnant in July i have found him with a new dating site on three separate occasions, each time he's remorseful, feels sorry and says he never wants to loose me, I am all he has and he needs me.

After a huge argument he said he was looking at porn and crashed his computer because he knew I’d be upset.

We had our 1st proper massive fight in the whole 5 years we have been together and he promised he would never hurt me again and that I am his rock, his best friend, his soul mate and the love of his life and he was being inconsiderate of my feelings .

I cancelled the tour, didn't let him know, agreed it was my thing and that I'd be back in 3 hours.

He called me several minutes before my tour and and the fake girls meeting to ask me where I was (to make sure I was gone), asked me when I was to get home(I told him a time) and he told me, please text me before you head home so I can make our date night perfect.

But when I read other peoples experiences of similar things online, they all say if men do that they can never be trusted and you should end things. If he did delete his profiles and email accounts, that is a positive step forward.

Not all married men who have gone on online dating services are bad, you don't have to end things.

I woke up this morning and found him on three site, all with posts last night says, looking for some fun.

Make sure to put in your bookmarks because you will need it again.

You can try any site for free and make an account only via the links on this site.

We went a good two months of no activity and suddenly it started again.

Me at 25 weeks pregnant he has a new computer and starts shutting the screen when I get close.

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