Best friend dating my ex girlfriend

My ex-colleague bitterly regrets the day she decided to date her best friend's ex. Though she didn't harbour any affection for the guy, she said she felt jealous when she saw the two of them together. In case you decide to follow the same path, talk to your friend first.Give him/ her enough time to get used to the new equation. Your friend will need a lot of sympathy and thoughtful care from your end. Letting go of someone, especially if you were in love, can be tough.In such a scenario, there's just one thing you can do: STAY AWAY.

There could be two reasons why this happens – either he/ she still loves the ex or it is difficult for him/ her to completely detach himself/ herself. She was ruing the day she decided to date her best friend's ex-boyfriend.Since then, her relationship with her best friend has gone kaput. Here's why: It is difficult to let go When two people fall in love, they come close to each other and plan a life together. Yet, it is difficult to let completely let go because love is a complicated emotion.The sex, as he had put it, had been a 'spur of the moment' thing completely driven by hormones.Unless you are okay with such one night stands, steer clear of such people.

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