Are milo ventimiglia hayden panettiere dating

The actor was stunned when he was invited to join the U. Air Force Reserves for a day - because it allowed him to fulfil a childhood dream.

And Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia has abandoned his dream of becoming a fighter pilot, after a vomit-inducing session in the skies.

How does he feel about the fact that he is 30 and she is 18 and the press has dubbed them "Halo"? Heroes stars Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia don't have the power anymore to keep their relationship a secret.

In an interview with Men's Fitness he said:"I get beat up, I'm bloodied, I'm in a flying harness, I'm knocked down. hottie, Milo Ventimiglia is featured in the October 2007 issue of "Best Life" magazine.

Milo and his Heroes co-star Hayden Panettiere are rumored to be dating. Read More » Milo Ventimiglia Is Hot In "best Life" Magazine Heres video of the two grinding on each other at the post-Emmys Entertainment Tonight party on Sunday night.

I wonder if this is an after sex moment.....darkhat./2008/06/Read More » Hayden Panettiere And Milo Ventimiglia Kissing Picture Inside.

Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimigliaare moving in together.

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