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· Scan codes – When fake apps are banned, some developers slightly change the code to allow them to upload again and start drawing in users.It’s possible for Apple to scan app codes that are submitted during the application process and flag up those that are too similar to apps that have already been banned.· Check apps manually – Along with scanning codes, a dedicated team to check apps manually can flag up potential issues that may have previously been missed.It might be resource intensive but it can improve the whole experience of the App Store and using downloads.This can appear to give credibility to the fake apps, leading to more users and additional scam victims.Finally, scam app developers use a devious way to get their app approved for the App Store in the first place.If you've been on any one app long enough (and, uh, who hasn't at this point?), you may have experienced the particularly effed-up déjà vu of seeing someone you've already swiped on reappear in your feed.

It costs little to create a fake app and if it gets removed from the Apple Store, developers are simply allowed to create a new one and begin enticing users on to their fake dating app again.Used in conjunction with code scanning and a reporting system, Apple could target those apps that are of the highest concern.· Remove scam developers – Apple should follow the lead of Google Play on this front.Fake and auto messages mean daters simply waste their time with no real date or meeting on the horizon.It’s a scam that’s designed to keep people swiping.

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Developers that have created fake and untrustworthy apps should see their accounts removed completely, removing the second chance to cheat Apple and its users.

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