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She has ten half-sisters, including Ruping and Mengping, many half-brothers, including Erhao, and one stepbrother named Erjie.The mercilessness with which her father and stepmother treat her has made her resentful of the Lu family, which she refers to as the "other side." At first, she is at odds with her half-brother Erhao and half-sister Ruping for this reason, but she eventually learns to love and accept them as her siblings.Her mother, Fu Wenpei, is the general's eighth wife.Both she and her mother are banished from the Lu household through the actions of her father's ninth wife, Wang Xueqin.Romance in the Rain was filmed in Shanghai in 2000, and first broadcast in Taiwan on China Television in April 2001.The series stars Zhao Wei, Ruby Lin, Leo Ku, and Alec Su, reuniting Zhao, Lin and Su after the 1998-1999 smash hit My Fair Princess.She has one elder full sister called Xinping (陸心萍/陆心萍) who died 7 years before the plot of the story at 15 years of age.

Her mother, Xueqin, is her father's ninth and final wife.

Main Cast is appeared in All Episode , they are feel all true emotions, love, compassion, revenge, hate, respect, tolerance, succumbs to, lust, family, relationships, affection, willing to sacrifice, sincere, loyalty, mercy, softness, chastity, passion, trouble, war, victory, defeat, regret, happy, cry, dissapointed, patience, responsible, nationalism, friendship, respect, secrets, lies, deception, forgiveness, power, good, evil and much more in Past Time, Present Time and Future Time.

The protagonist of Romance in the Rain, Yiping is one of the many children of Lu Zhenhua, a retired general with nine wives.

During this time, she thinks about Du Fei every day and comes to realize that he is her one true love and has been for a long time.

By coincidence, she and Du Fei meet again, and she is able to reveal her feelings.

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