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So teenage pregnancies, female genital mutilation (FGM) are not foreign impositions these are problems in our society.

We can't hide from these problems any further," Obuyi argues.

"We have girls who start their periods at the age of nine, meaning by the time they sit for their exams they are at risk of doing it pregnant if someone doesn't talk about it." Adhiambo herself caught up with school, but at age 23, she says she would have liked to finish her education before having a child.

What should be taught in schools According to surveys, over a third of the teenagers between the age of 15 and 19 in Kenya have already had sex.

But for many people of an older generations, there is one exception - the subject of sex.

Many parents are still reluctant to talk about sex, which means that many children are left with no choice but to look for information on the web or find out about it from friends.

Scientists have successfully fertilized eggs taken from two female northern white rhinos, a year after the last remaining male died.And so we must just be pragmatic to respond to these issues in our context," Obuyi says.A study conducted by the US-based Guttmacher Institute and the Nairobi-based African Population and Health Research Center in 2016 showed that Kenyan teenagers want to be taught how to use contraceptives, including condoms, oral pills and injectables, as part of their sex education in school and at home." Today Christina works as a voice artist as she waits to start university.She still lives with her parents and the child's father helps to take care of the baby. Looking now at the kids who are in similar situations, I feel that they need to be told about it much earlier," she says.

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