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When one is absent, impact on behavior will be spontaneous. A person's attitude can be measured in two different ways: Explicit measure are attitudes at the conscious level, that are deliberately formed and easy to self-report.Implicit measures are attitudes that are at an unconscious level, that are involuntarily formed and are typically unknown to us.Society, tradition, and the culture teach individuals what is and what is not acceptable.A person's attitude also depends on issues such as his salary, status, work environment, work as such, etc.

Most contemporary perspectives on attitudes permit that people can also be conflicted or ambivalent toward an object by simultaneously holding both positive and negative attitudes toward the same object.

This has led to some discussion of whether individual can hold multiple attitudes toward the same object.

An attitude can be a positive or negative evaluation of people, objects, events, activities, and ideas.

is that an attitude contains cognitive, affective, and behavioral components.

Empirical research, however, fails to support clear distinctions between thoughts, emotions, and behavioral intentions associated with a particular attitude.

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